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About Me and My Interests/Contact Information:

I am a American clinical pharmacist with experience in hospital pharmacy, home infusion pharmacy, medical writing and drug informatics. Ultimately, I have a sincere interest in improving patient outcomes and helping patients avoid medication misadventures. In my opinion, The Institute of Medicine summarized the basic rationale of why pharmacists and other healthcare professionals should work closely as collaborative members of a medical team...."To close the gaps between best practice and usual care.....will require the collective expertise of a vast array of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, social workers and vested laypersons". Thus, as a pharmacist, I firmly believe we must share our clinical knowledge and skills with others within the integrated healthcare system to positively contribute to patient care and prevent untoward patient outcomes.

If you wish to contact me, please send me an email at Thank you.

CV/Professional Experience

1994-1996 Massachusetts College of Pharmacy 

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) (GPA 3.69)
1990-1994 State University of Buffalo (SUNY) College of Pharmacy-
Bachelor of Science Pharmacy (R.Ph.) (GPA 3.0)

State of Massachusetts #22557 1995-Present

Academic Honors:
Inducted into the Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society 4/19/1996

Professional Experience:

04/2013-Present Targeted Medical Pharma-Los Angeles, CA
International Marketing and Project Manager

9/12-10/2013 Genzyme-Boston, MA
Campath Access Program Manager Ex-US

01/12-10/13 Natural Standard-Boston, MA and
Author and Peer Reviewer

10/07-03/12 Epharmpro-Brook Haven, PA
Telepharmacy Consultant

10/03-06/07 EvdeMed Home Infusion Services-Izmir, Turkey

Clinical Coordinator

02/02-11/02 Universal Hospital Group-Izmir, Turkey

Homecare Manager

05/98-09/01 Chartwell Home Therapies-Middletown, CT 

Staff Clinical Pharmacist

04/97-5/98  Yale New Haven Hospital-
New Haven, CT Clinical Oncology Pharmacist, Cleanroom Pharmacist/Supervisor and Drug Information Specialist

6/96-4/97 Castle Point V.A.M.C.-CastlePoint, NY 

Staff Clinical Pharmacist

6/95-6/96 Hemenway Pharmacy-Boston, MA 

Staff Retail Pharmacist

6/93-9/94 Castle Point V.A.M.C-
Castle Point, NY 
Pharmacy Intern/Graduate Pharmacist

Professional Lectures:
04/14/06-06/06/06 Ege (Aegeon) University-Izmir, Turkey
"Ege University Pharmacy School Pharmaceutical Care Lecture Series"

02/25/06 Ege (Aegean) Pharmacy Fair-Izmir, Turkey
"Home Infusion Therapy and the Role of the Clinical Pharmacist"

02/2000 Nurse Practitioner Program-Fairfield, CT
"Overview of Antimicrobial Agents"-Fairfield University

04/1999 Nurse Practitioner-Fairfield, CT
"Chemotherapeutic Agents and Toxins"-Fairfield University

11/1997 Yale New Haven Hospital-New Haven, CT
"Warfarin and Antineoplastic Drug Interactions"

08/1996 CastlePoint, VAMC-CastlePoint, NY
"Common Food and Drug Interactions"

Published Online Articles:
Language Skills:
English (Native Speaker)
Turkish (Good Working Proficiency)

About Turkey, Their People and Healthcare System

Turkey is country with a population of over 80 million people with significant geo-strategic and economic importance located between the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Over the years, new government policies have paved the way for promoting foreign trade and investment which have ultimately increased Turkey's global importance worldwide. On a personal level, I see Turkey as a land of contrasts where you can often see a mix of the population using the latest high-tech innovations within modern city centers or within small villages surrounded by ancient history and deep-rooted traditions. By and large, "Turks" are very accepting of new technology and often surprise me with their work ethic and resourcefulness in solving complex problems.
Additionally, Turkish family relations are quite unified (as compared to Western cultures) which is a key factor in establishing future healthcare programs that involve alternate site and pre/post-acute care. Overall, Turkey has a highly socialized medical system, but also has a large and growing private healthcare sector. (Note: The private sector often makes agreements with the Ministry of Health to help meet the nation's healthcare needs.) Thus, I firmly believe there are many opportunities here in Turkey that can help further modernize the Turkish healthcare system to enhance healthcare outcomes, prevent medical misadventures and reduce overall healthcare expenditures.