Wednesday, August 10, 2016

About Me and My Interests/Contact Information:

I am a American clinical pharmacist with experience in hospital pharmacy, home infusion pharmacy, medical writing and drug informatics. Ultimately, I have a sincere interest in improving patient outcomes and helping patients avoid medication misadventures. In my opinion, The Institute of Medicine summarized the basic rationale of why pharmacists and other healthcare professionals should work closely as collaborative members of a medical team...."To close the gaps between best practice and usual care.....will require the collective expertise of a vast array of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, social workers and vested laypersons". Thus, as a pharmacist, I firmly believe we must share our clinical knowledge and skills with others within the integrated healthcare system to positively contribute to patient care and prevent untoward patient outcomes.

If you wish to contact me, please send me an email at Thank you.

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